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The main role of e-commerce is facilitated access to various markets and this, in the comfort of our home. Nowadays, more and more transactions business pass through the Internet. All companies that have joined the electronic commerce have seen their sales skyrocket. Are you ready to join these companies?

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Bullet brown Electronic commerce with completely secure online payment
Bullet brown Completely self managed from a control panel protected
Bullet brown Include as many products or categories as you want without limits
Bullet brown Order entry and inspection by the client later in real time
Bullet brown Full and detailed report of all sales made and of the most visited
Bullet brown Automatic calculation of taxes by province or country
Bullet brown Calculating shipping costs based on the total price, weight or shipping address
Bullet brown Easily manage all your customer accounts and contact them at the same time with one click!
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We find more and more business transactions on the Internet. This trend continues to increase dramatically due to the popularity of other Internet now part of everyday life and several of the information conveyed on computer security and methods to properly shop online.

Our many years of experience in the field has enabled us to develop software that lets you manage your own transactional website. Its ergonomic design allows you to view and update your site very easily according to your needs (accounts receivable, product list, management of payments received electronically, etc.). In addition, we offer free technical support for all questions regarding its use. You can request support by email, phone or a technician can travel as required.

E-commerce Design Calgary Even if your knowledge is limited regarding the administration of a transactional site, it should not be an obstacle to your introduction to electronic commerce. We are able to put together an interactive website on the cutting edge technology and tailored to your needs for electronic commerce.

Your interactive website already exists? We can integrate our software to your existing site to improve its performance and ease management.

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